What if my availability to take on projects changes?

We understand that your availability may change. No problem! The best way is to update your availability on the platform. When a client has a need where you may be a fit, we always confirm your availability and interest to explore the opportunity. Many times, a client may not estimate their time commitment accurately and as the discussion progresses, the time commitment can then be finalized. 

Additionally,  engagement terms vary as needs vary. Some engagements are  project based and may or may not need to be completed during business hours. Longer-term engagements, depending on the client, can be done outside of normal business hours. Either of these types typically include syncing during business hours at a set interval. Still, other engagements require that you commit a defined weekly amount of time that is needed. For example, a three-month engagement of one day per week is likely to include the expectation that you would be available to the client during normal business hours.