What are the best practices for creating a profile?

MDisrupt uses your profile to match your expertise to available opportunities, and clients will review the information in your profile to determine if you are a good fit for their project. It is important that your profile is thorough and accurate so that you have the best chance of being selected for a relevant position. You can use the following to help guide you when filling out and updating your profile.

Biography: Your biography is your opportunity to provide additional details and context around your professional and academic qualifications and to highlight key accomplishments and experiences that will be relevant to MDisrupt clients. This is meant to supplement the information that you are providing elsewhere in your profile, so be sure to include a sufficient level of detail and reference specific examples where possible. 

Areas of Expertise: Your areas of expertise should capture what you are an expert at. If you are a practicing clinician, you should include your medical specialty and / or subspecialty, as well as any additional areas of focus. If you are not a practicing clinician, these should be the domains that best reflect your experience and where you can provide the most value to our clients. You can select up to 5 areas of expertise. While it is required that you select at least 2, we encourage you to include additional areas that are relevant as this will impact the types of opportunities made available to you.

Skills: Here you should list specific skills relative to your areas of expertise. While areas of expertise showcase your domain knowledge, skills are tactical ways that you can provide value to our clients. Examples of skills include Clinical Trial Design, Financial Modeling and Regulatory Strategy. Like areas of expertise, you can enter up to 5 of your most relevant skills.

Work History: Your work history is important to help MDisrupt and our clients better understand your experiences. We recommend that you include all positions held that may be relevant to our clients and your work with MDisrupt. We also encourage you to fill out detailed job descriptions that include your responsibilities and any key accomplishments in that role, as this information can help us identify you as a good fit for an open opportunity.

Education and Certifications: The education and certifications section allows you to highlight your academic experiences and any licenses and certifications that you hold. Please be sure to include any advanced degrees and medical licenses in this section.