I just joined the MDisrupt expert network, what should I do next?

Welcome to the MDisrupt network! Whether you’re already actively engaged with a client or waiting for your first project, there are a few ways you can stay connected and increase the probability we’ll be able to match your expertise to client needs.

  • Review your profile: Having a complete and up-to-date MDisrupt profile is the best way to highlight your skills and experiences, so that MDisrupt can match you with relevant opportunities. We’ve created an <article> with more details on how to optimize your profile that we encourage you to review.
  • Join the MDisrupt Community on Slack: Keep in touch with our community and get support from other talented domain experts from around the world. You can join here!
  • Refer a Colleague: <Refer> a digital health expert to join the MDisrupt network and receive up to $100.
  • Explore our Content:  Our digital health podcast and webinars showcase the insights and expertise of healthcare industry leaders. Check them out!